ZebraPay finances its local and international expansion with money attracted through the capital market

  • ZebraPay, the leader of the local automated payment market, with over 5,700 SelfPay payment stations nationwide, is taking the first step on Bucharest Stock Exchange by listing the company’s bonds.
  • ZebraPay bonds worth EUR 3mn, issued in a private placement, will support the development of the network of payment stations nationally and internationally.
  • The company’s bonds are traded as of today, July 27th, on the stock exchange’s Multilateral Trading System, under the ticker PAY26E.
  • The private placement and bonds’ listing were carried out with the support of BT Capital Partners, as an Intermediary and Authorized Advisor.


ZebraPay, the leader of the local ATM market, with over 5,700 SelfPay payment stations nationwide, listed today, July 27th, bonds worth EUR 3mn. The company’s bonds are traded on Bucharest Stock Exchange’s Multilateral Trading System under the ticker PAY26E. The listing of the bonds follows a private placement of bonds through which the company attracted from the capital market investors the financing necessary for the development of the network of Payment Stations at national and international level and for the diversification of services.

‘Since the beginning of the year, we have continued to finance the economy, and corporate bonds and government bonds for retail investors have been some of the most used instruments for this. The value of all corporate bond issues and government bonds listed since the beginning of the year exceeds 1 billion euros, funds that support the development of the economy. We are glad that SelfPay has chosen the capital market to implement its expansion plans at national and international level. Good luck!’, said Radu Hanga, Bucharest Stock Exchange President.

‘For SelfPay, issuing bonds and listing them on the capital market means not only financing for local and international expansion plans, but also a huge amount of investors’ confidence. It means entering the big league of businesses with 100% Romanian DNA`, said Adrian Badea, SelfPay CEO.

The private placement for SelfPay bonds was carried out in early June this year. The company issued 30,000 bonds, with a face value of EUR 100 and an interest rate of 5.5% p.a, that will reach maturity on June 16th, 2026. During the private placement, 99 investors subscribed, and the minimum subscription of an investor of was 200 bonds, respectively EUR 20,000. The private placement and listing of the bonds were carried out with the support of BT Capital Partners, the investment banking and capital markets division of Banca Transilvania Financial Group.

`BT Capital Partners’ mission to contribute to the development of the local business environment, of the capital market, as well as to offer to investors the chance to participate in unique investment opportunities, continues by adding a new sector on the Romanian capital market. The diversification of the activity sectors of the companies that turn their attention to alternative financing through Bucharest Stock Exchange will ensure a wider range of investment opportunities, and the fintech field attracts more and more interest from investors. We thank the partners from ZebraPay for their trust and we are happy to be with them on the road to the capital market`, mentioned Daniela Secara, BT Capital Partners CEO.

ZebraPay recorded revenues of RON 112.5mn in 2020, an increase of 23% compared to 2019 when it recorded revenues of RON 91.5mn. The revenues increase was due to the expansion of the national network of Payment Stations, from 3,950 at the end of 2018, to 5,700 at the end of 2020. The company’s net profit raised from RON 1.1mn in 2019 to RON 4.5mn in 2020, due to the growing number of transactions, most of which are payments for invoices and other services.

For 2021, the company forecasts a 15% increase in revenues, up to RON 129.9mn, and for 2022 up to RON 167.3mn. The growth perspectives are based on a business plan that includes the development of the national Pay Station network, a mobile application to diversify customer service and the 2022 development of a Pay Station network in Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, as well as other countries in the region. According to the company’s perspectives, by the end of 2026 the number of payment terminals will reach a total of about 19,000, both nationally and internationally (in the four target markets for expansion, Italy, Spain, France and Ireland). The funds raised through the private bond placement will support the SelfPay team’s growth plans.

ZebraPay was founded in 2009 and is currently the leader in the local ATM market, with over 5,700 SelfPay Payment Stations in over 1,000 locations across the country. SelfPay Payment Stations offer the possibility to pay for more than 200 services (including utility bills, TV, internet, telephony, taxes), both in cash and by electronic payment methods. SelfPay toll booths can be found in major retail chains, malls, markets, gas stations and convenience stores and are available every day during the hours the stores are open. Since 2020, SelfPay is a member of the Romanian Fintech Association, a body that represents the interests of Romanian entrepreneurs who develop technical products in the financial services industry.