Get your time back! Pay your taxes from Sector 4 at any SelfPay Station

From today, all the residents of Sector 4 can pay their taxes on any SelfPay Station using ID Card or the notification from DGITL Sector 4. The payment is processed instantaneously into DGITL Sector 4 systems.

We offer multiple payment methods so alongside cash transactions at DGITL office, residents can pay using SelfPay Stations. – Daniel Baluta

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Here’s how you can pay using SelfPay Station.

Step 1: Press the “Plata ImpoziteSector 4” button

Step 2: Select the identification method

Step 3: Scan the barcode or insert your CNP

Step 4: Choose the taxes you want to pay

Step 5: Select your payment method

After you deposit the payment, hit the Finish button and get your payment receipt.